For Banks & Fintechs


A universal registration engine for all kinds of eKYC onboarding

Deploy new account registration fully digitally in-app or in person. build your workflow for fit any scenario


Features and benefits


Circle FinTech is directly connected with Government's eKYC service, Porichoy

BoardingBay is equipped with Porichoy NID service which is a key enabler of any registration process that requires any service provider to ensure due diligence coverage.

It is possible to build any service model atop of our proprietary service provisions.

Facial Recognition

We have chosen facial recognition to bring the cost of cross-checking by not relying upon expensive infrastructure


Our Optical Character Recognition engine is able to read any character on the proof identity and present a very accurate result


Our system is open-ended meaning that your AML/CFT engines can easily be utilised in your onboarding processes

Risk Management

We have designed the Risk Assessment model needed to placed in place as defined by BFIU of Bangladesh Bank

BoardingBay Deployment Architecture